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Go Noi Island Overlooking Go Noi Island today

Go Noi Island was not technically an island. The monsoons would flood the Ky Lam, Thu Bon, Ba Ren, and Chiem Son Rivers and isolate it. see image
The Marine command was especially concerned about the Go Noi Island sector, about 25 kilometers south of Da Nang. Liberty Bridge over the Ky Lam River  connected An Hoa and Go Noi Island to Da Nang. see image
The Communists had controlled the area for years. With the continued existence of both a Communist political and military command infrastructure there, the local populace maintained a strong Viet Cong orientation, making the island a relatively 'safe haven' for both NVA and VC military units.
Although the terrain was flat with relatively clear fields of fire, the local units were familiar with the locale and took full advantage of the advantages offered by the fortified hamlets that dotted the Go Noi.
The fire fights became so intense on the island it was labeled "Dodge City."

Go Noi Island Bell Island bell captured by the 2nd Bn 27th Marines.  It was used by VC and NVA as a signaling device.

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 Most Americans who fought on Go Noi Island had compassion for the local people. I am reminded of PFC Robert C. Healey, "Alpha" Company, 1st Bn 27th Marines Vietnam 1968, under machine gun fire attempted to resuce a vietamese baby and was killed in the attempt. Such couragae and compassion never makes the news. The Marines had specific operations to resettle refugees and food assistance programs. Click Here... However, the war had tragic consequences for the local people of Go Noi Island, somehting far removed from any political view.


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