Vietnam Remembered
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The original memoriam pamphlet, courtesy of Ken Davis

Original Memoriam pamphlet

1st Battalion, 27th Marines
1st Marine Division, FMF Pac.
FPO, San Francisco, 96602

DANANG, VIETNAM                 3 SEPTEMBER 1968

The Call to Worship   Capt. M.T. Farmer
The Invocation   1st. LT. R. A. Baribeau
Old Testament reading   Capt. W.O. Moore
Meditation   Capt. D.D. Webber
New Testament reading   Chaplain W.J. Brown
C.O. comments   Maj. K.J. Skipper
Prayer   Chaplain W.J. Brown
The Firing Squad    
The Benediction Capt. R.J. Gruenberg


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