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Cpl. Stephen E. Austin 

Cpl. Stephen E. Austin
"Charlie" Co., 3rd plt., 1st Bn 27th Marines

Stephen was KIA 6/8/68 on [Operation Allen Brook] at [Go Noi Island] in the Quang Nam Province, RVN
      Semper Fi
...                [ 1/27 Memorial 

Navy Cross
               The Navy Cross
After 50 years The Navy Cross has been
awarded to Cpl. Stephen E. Austin.
Fresno Bee Article by Carmen George
Articles on the Presentation
The Marine Times
General Robert Neller's Tweet,
Turlock Journal

Last Letter Home

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The Navy Cross Citation
The Commandant of the Marines, General Robert B. Neller presents award to Neily, Stephens' daughter.

General Robert Neller presenting the Navy Cross

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